Managing your invoice statuses

In Zervant, you can gain a quick overview of your invoice statuses. You can manage the status of your invoices under the Invoices tab. Approved invoices can have the following statuses: Created, Sent, Overdue, Reminded, In collection, Deleted, and Paid. Invoices that are not yet approved will show the status: Draft.

Marking your invoices as paid

Invoices created in Zervant are not automatically marked as paid (except those paid using Zervant Online Payments, or once you have created a credit note for an invoice). You can mark an unpaid (i.e. Created, Sent, Overdue, In collection, and Reminded) invoice as Paid by selecting the invoice and clicking the status button on the right.

Here, you can also choose the date on which the invoice has been paid and to which account. At the moment we offer Cash in hand and Bank accounts. We’re looking to add more accounts in the future.

If you have marked an invoice as paid but want to delete it, or change the details of the payment, you can mark the invoice back as unpaid with the same button.

Importing bank statements

It’s also possible to mark multiple invoices as paid at once, when importing your bank statement. To do this, in the Invoices tab, click on the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) next to the Status column heading. This will open the Import payment data modal, where you can import your bank statement in either csv or ktl formats.

Please note:
  • Invoice marked as paid will not show a mention of this on the invoice itself. If your customer or accountant requests a note that the invoice has been paid, you can write this in the Message field.
  • When importing a bank statement, please ensure that your statement contains a correct corresponding reference number for each of your invoices, otherwise no invoices will be marked as Paid.

Last Updated: May 08, 2019 02:34 PM
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