How to manage your products list

How to add a single product or service

1. Navigate to the Products tab and click on New Product.

2. A new window will open where you can enter the product/service details such as Name, Description, Unit, Price, and VAT for the product/service.

3. Once all the mandatory fields have been filled in, click on Save to save the product/service to your database.

You can also add a new products/services to your product and services database directly from the invoice editor when creating or modifying an invoice, by clicking on Add new when adding a product/service to the invoice. It’s also possible to copy pre-existing products/services by clicking on Copy as new.

How to edit or delete products/services

You can delete or edit products/services individually, by selecting the one you wish to edit under the Products tab, and clicking on Edit or Delete

You can also delete several, or all products in one go. To delete several products/services in one go, check the checkboxes of the ones you wish to delete, and click Delete selected

To delete all products/services, check the checkbox at the top of the screen and click Delete all

You can also edit all, or several products/services at once in a similar manner as deleting multiple products. Either select several or all products/services as detailed above and click on Edit all/Edit selected. This will open a window where you can set the same units and VAT for all selected product/services in your database.

Find out how to import 
multiple products/services at once here. Find out how to export your products/services here

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