04.01.2019 - [IMPORTANT] Make sure you check the following before your account is updated on 23.01.2019

Please note! This article is only relevant to you, if your account was created before 07.03.2017 (UK) or 24.10.2018 (Finland and Sweden).

When your account is updated on the 
23rd January 2019, your company information, all invoices, customer and product databases, will stay the same. You’ll get a more powerful invoice editor and online payments, and also new features such as payment schedules available with our Premium plans. Accounting, Travel Expenses and the old version of the Time Tracker are no longer present in the new version, and as such, all information recorded in these functions will be deleted. In this following article, you’ll find the four actions you should take before 23.01.2019 and also information about our Premium subscriptions.

1. Edit your invoices, estimates
and receipts before 23.01.2019
All your documents (invoices, receipts 
and estimates) will still be present on your updated account. However, documents created before 23.01.2019 will be locked, meaning it will no longer be possible to edit or copy them, transform estimates into invoices or create invoices from tracked time entries. You will, however still be able to download and send them and change their status. As such, we strongly recommend you make any necessary edits to your documents by 23.01.2019.

2. Download your accounting data before 23.01.2019
Accounting, Travel Expenses and the Time Tracker will disappear from your account, so you will have to download this data before 23.01.2019. Tax officials usually require 
a preservation of accounting reports for several years (e.g. 6-10 years).

These are the reports you should download as they are not going to be available after 23.01.2019:
  • Expenses by category
  • Profit and loss
  • Balance sheet
  • VAT report
  • General Ledger
  • General Journal
  • Mileage log
  • Travel allowance
  • Time sheet (the Time Tracker in the updated version will not be compatible with the current one, meaning you should download any tracked entries to avoid them being irretrievably lost. You can check out the instructions here).

You can download each report by going to the Reports tab → Accounting reports → select the report you want to download → click on Download report on the right. We recommend you download the reports in PDF format, since PDF is the preferred format of most tax officials.

Sales breakdown, Sales Report and Transaction report for 
accountant will stay in the updated version.  

3. Create receipts 
You will no longer be able to create receipts in the new version. A new Receipts function will be included in the new version in 
future. In the meantime, if you need to create a receipt, you can create an invoice and change the header to ‘Receipt’. All your receipts will be automatically transferred to your updated account, but they will be filed under the Invoices tab.

4. Save your recurring invoice profiles
Creating recurring invoices is not yet possible in the new version of 
Zervant. We are working on introducing this feature into the updated version as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can download your recurring invoices when you go to the Invoices tab, choose Recurring invoices and click on the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) on top of the list. You’ll then have the profiles and the number of invoices left in the sequence, but you’ll have to create and send these remaining invoices one-by-one yourself. 

What you should know about subscriptions
If you’re currently subscribed to Zervant, you’ll be transferred to the corresponding Premium plan and your subscription will then continue automatically. Please note, that if you do not wish to be subscribed to a Premium plan, you have to cancel your subscription yourself. You can downgrade or upgrade your plan anytime. Here you can read more about managing your premium plan. All Premium plan payments are processed by our payment partner Stripe.


Last Updated: Jan 18, 2019 01:12 PM

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