Sending e-invoices

Creating and sending an e-invoice

1. Fill out all the necessary information about your company and your customer.

2. Go to Invoices -> New invoice. Create the invoice as you normally would and if your customer wants you to include a PO (purchase order) number on the invoice, it can be added in the Your ref. / PO number field.

3. Once you have created your invoice, select the As e-invoice option in the Approve and send menu.

4. If you haven’t filled out your company contact details, a window will open for you to fill them out. You will need to fill all the fields marked with a blue star (*). The same applies for your customer’s contact details.

5. Finally, click Approve and send. This will send your e-invoice to our operator Basware, and through them to your customer’s e-invoice operator, and finally to your customer's invoice processing system.

Checking the delivery status of a sent e-invoice

Once you've sent the e-invoice, you can check its delivery status under the invoice history:

  • If the delivery was successful, the status will say E-invoice successfully delivered to recipient.
  • If the delivery failed, the status will say either E-invoice delivery failed due to invalid content or E-invoice was rejected by recipient depending on the reason of the failure.

See the most common reasons for a failure in e-invoice delivery here.

Last Updated: Oct 24, 2019 04:12 PM
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