20.11.2017 - [NEWS] Changes in Zervant - questions and answers

If you see the same tabs as in the picture below, this article is for you!

As we have previously communicated, Zervant will undergo some strategic changes next year, and all Zervant accounts will be transferred to a new, updated version of the software during Autumn 2018. As part of this change, accounting won’t be supported in Zervant starting January 1st 2018 and eventually, will be removed from the product.

In this article we provide answers to some frequently asked questions that we have received from our customers regarding this change, divided into the following categories:  

A) Changes in functionality
B) Access to accounting data
C) Subscriptions

A) Changes in functionality

1. Which features will be removed from Zervant?

Accounting, time tracking and travel expense features are going to be dropped from the software. These features will be still available during Spring and Autumn  2018, but there will be no support available, and it is not possible to do your accounting for 2018 with Zervant. A new time tracking will be introduced in the new version of Zervant but current entries will not be transferred to the new version.

2. Can I still get the transaction report for accountant from the new version of Zervant?
In the new version of Zervant you will be able to download the summary of your sales income to your accountant from the Reports tab. In financial reports, you will be able to download sales and sales breakdown report, in accounting reports you'll find the transactions report for accountant.

3. When will I transfer to the new version of the software?
You will be able to choose the exact date for moving to the new version yourself
. More information about the exact dates will be provided later.

4. When will I be able to invoice for free?
You will be able to create and send invoices via email for free when you transfer to the new version of the software. Until that point, you will need to have an active subscription in order to create and send invoices.

5. Until when can I use the accounting functionality?
The accounting tab will still be available until you transfer to the new version of the software during Autumn 2018. Until you transfer you can still modify and add accounting entries for 2017. However, it will not be possible to close the 2017 financial year anymore. 
It will also not be possible to add expenses or other income for 2018. And you might want to bear in mind that we no longer fix potential issues nor provide customer support for the accounting feature in Zervant starting January 1st 2018. 

6. Can I complete tax returns and the financial statement for 2017 with Zervant?
If you are required to finalize annual accounts for your activity, you need to complete your accounting for the 2017 annual accounts in another software. This is because it won't be possible to close the 2017 financial year in Zervant.
7. Until when can I use the time tracking and travel expense features?
The mobile apps (iOS and Android) for time tracking were dropped on October 31st 2017, but you can use these features on the web page during Spring 2018. In the new version of Zervant, the possibility to track time might be resurrected. We will keep you posted about this and the other features of the updated software.

The travel expense features will be removed during Spring 2018 and the support for these features will end on December 31st of 2017. Please note that this means the mileage rates will not be updated for 2018. Our free mileage template on Excel might be helpful for you.

8. I have multiple users on my account. Will the new version enable multi-users?
Multi-user functionality is definitely part of our long term plans for the new model, however the decision on what kind of access different users will have is still under development. We will therefore remove the User administration tab at least temporarily when you move to the new version of the software. Only the main admin user will have access to the new version after that point.

Of course the person who is the administrator can give the username and password for other employees but everyone has the same access and it can create problems. See our article on using Zervant with multiple people at the same time: Can I use one Zervant account with multiple users?

B) Accessing and exporting my data 

9. Can I still access my accounting data in Zervant after December 31st of 2017?

You can still access all your data and reports in Zervant and download them anytime until you transfer to the new version of the software during spring 2018. See more here about the exporting functionality: Exporting your accounting data.

NB! In addition to this export, you will still need the reports from Zervant for the tax officials in case you don't switch to another accounting software but use an alternative solution. You'll be able to download the transaction report for accountant, profit and loss statement, balance sheet, VAT report, general ledger and journal from Reports -> Accounting reports. 

C) Subscriptions 

10. I have time remaining on my subscription at the point when I want to transfer to the new version of the software. What happens with the remaining time?
10.1 Default procedure for Monthly and Yearly subscriptions

When you transfer to the new version of the software, the remaining time of your subscription will by default move over to our new subscription model, where you can take our new premium features into use. More info about the premium services and our new subscription model will be announced at a later stage.

10.2 Alternative option for Yearly subscriptions only
If you have a yearly subscription and don't want to take the premium features into use, you can cancel your subscription after the move and get refunded for the remaining time of your subscription by contacting our customer support team. By doing this you will still have the new version of the software and therefore benefit from free invoicing, but you will not be able to use our new premium services without ordering a new subscription. More information on this process will follow later.

11. If I don't want to continue using Zervant after January 1st 2018 when the accounting functionality will be reduced, can I get refunded for the remaining time of my subscription?

Yearly subscriptions only
After the accounting functionality is reduced in the software on the 1st of January 2018, you have the right to get refunded for the remaining time on your subscription. Please contact our support team in January, and they will handle the refund for you.

Last Updated: Sep 27, 2018 10:53 AM

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