Can I edit/delete an invoice?

Draft invoices
You can edit drafts as much, and as many times as you need to, as well as delete them. Please note that once you delete a draft, it cannot be restored. See more about the difference between drafts and approved documents here.

Approved invoices
By approving an invoice, it will become a legal document with its own invoice number. If you need to edit or correct something, mark the invoice as Not Paid, and click on Edit on the top right under the Invoices tab. Please note however, that the customer or invoice number can not be edited.

You can also delete invoices: More -> Delete. For accounting purposes, this will not delete the invoice entirely, it will be archived under Deleted invoices on the Invoices tab. Also, you can’t use the same invoice number anymore.


Useful tips

  • If you have marked an invoice as Paid, change the status Not paid to edit/delete the invoice. If you have already received a payment for the invoice, you should not use this method but create a credit note instead.
  • Deleted invoices will not show under the Reports tab, but you can download them in one file under Invoices -> Deleted invoices -> click on the three grey lines above the invoice list on the top right corner -> choose .csv/.xls.
  • Credit note attached to an invoice: you can edit the original invoice if needed by marking it as Sent (not paid). Please note though, that the changes on this invoice will not be reflected on the credit note. As it’s not possible to edit the credit note, changing the original invoice might falsify your reports. If you delete an invoice that you already created a credit note for, the credit note will be automatically deleted.
  • If you made a mistake and accidentally deleted an invoice, you cannot restore it. You can create a copy of it though, by choosing the deleted invoice -> Copy as new. The copied invoice will get the next invoice number from your numbering sequence.
  • Changes to approved invoices are stored and you can find all previous versions of an invoice under the Invoices tab, by choosing the invoice and clicking on the History tab on the right side.

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