Approving drafts

You have probably noticed that you need to approve invoices and estimates in Zervant before sending them. This is because we want to offer you the possibility of creating and sending invoices in a legally compliant manner. To ensure legal compliance, all versions of an invoice you've sent to your customer need to be on record. Consequently, even if you edit and resend an invoice multiple times, you have a record of every version of the invoice in the invoice history, thus remaining compliant from a legal perspective.

Please note the difference between drafts and approved documents:
Draft document

Drafts can be edited as much as needed, as well as deleted.

Edit: If you need to add some company/payment information on the document, save the draft, go to My account and add the information. Please note, the information will not be automatically updated to the draft document: return to the Invoices tab, choose a document, click on Edit and Save as draft again or approve the document directly.
Approve and send: When you feel the draft is ready to be send, click Approve and send.
Delete: If you want to delete the draft, click on Delete while on the Invoices tab. Please note that a deleted draft cannot be restored.
Approved document

When you create an invoice or estimate, you can choose to approve it right away (and not save it as a draft). Once you’re on the editor, click Next and you will get to the preview of the document.

Email: If you think the document is ready to be sent to your customer, click Approve and send / Email.
PDF: You can choose PDF to approve the document and download it as PDF to your computer.

We also offer premium delivery options: send your invoice by post or as an e-invoice.

All options will finalise the documents into the legally correct form.
Once an invoice is approved, the invoice will receive the next invoice number in line with your invoice numbering sequence. This number will be locked and cannot be reused again, even if you later delete the invoice.
Finally, if you edit an approved invoice, the changes are archived under the History tab.

Last Updated: Nov 23, 2018 10:38 AM
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